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Middle Schools Conference

March 21, 2020
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
UFT headquarters
Group of UFT members holding middle school brochure

Register now for the UFT's 7th annual Middle School Conference! The focus of this year’s conference is building union strength in our schools and sites. Our union depends upon member participation and involvement. Hence, the goal of this conference is to help organize and build chapter power.

You’ll choose from informative workshops such as “Understanding Your School’s Budget,” “How a Consultation Committee Works,” “Operational Issues,” “Organizing and Mobilizing” and “Sunshine Committees / Member Appreciations.”

We’ll also have an awards ceremony to honor the vital work done by delegates, para reps and members of our functional chapters who directly work with middle school students and play a crucial part in ensuring the strength of their chapters and school communities. The registration deadline is Friday, March 6. To nominate a middle school educator for an award, please submit this online nomination form by Friday, Feb. 14.