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Mental health support for students

Our children faced challenges during the pandemic just like we did. Now they’re being asked to return to school and normalcy, but the past year has been anything but normal.

The UFT’s Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) is offering free, confidential mental health sessions to students and to parents calling on their children's behalf. Your child can receive help with issues such as grief, stress, anxiety, trauma or any social and emotional challenges experienced this past year. The UFT’s Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) is a partnership between the UFT and the NYC Department of Education that helps schools ensure every child develops the social, emotional and academic skills needed to succeed in school and life.

When you contact the helpline, you can speak confidentially with an experienced and licensed clinician, get support in a crisis, or obtain referrals for ongoing services. Call 212-709-3222 or text "PLC" to 43961 to learn more (message and data rates may apply).