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Amend the city's administrative code

We must persuade the City Council to amend the code NOW!

If not, city retirees will likely lose their choice of health care plans and UFT members, along with all other municipal employees, could have to pay health care premiums.

Contact your Council member

Call, tweet or email your Council member and tell them that the administrative code must be amended to protect our health care benefits. 

Reach out today
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For 40 years, the New York City Municipal Labor Committee has had the authority to bargain health care on behalf of the members of all municipal unions.

In recent litigation over a new health plan for Medicare-eligible retirees, a judge ultimately gave the green light for the city to implement the plan, but he dealt a blow to the collective bargaining rights of municipal unions when he declared that the city could impose a single health plan on all retirees.

Help us convince the City Council to amend the city’s administrative code to restore the unions’ decades-long authority to negotiate health care benefits and preserve health plan options.

If unions lose their seat at the bargaining table, New York City’s premium-free health benefits will be in jeopardy.

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Health care FAQ for in-service members

Answers about the current health care crisis for DOE-employed UFT members

icon FAQ questions green

Health care FAQ for retirees

Answers to commonly asked questions about health care from UFT retirees

Blue hexagon with medical caduceus symbol

7 things about Medicare Advantage

Factsheet with seven points about the Medicare Advantage plan created for city retirees

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Health care negotiation timeline

A quick history of health care negotiations between the city and the Municipal Labor Committee

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Administrative code explainer

Clarifies the language of our proposed amendment to the administrative code 

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Code change fact-check

Debunks misconceptions about amending the administrative code

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Outcomes of amending the code

Says what will happen if the code is amended and if it is not