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Census 101

The information gathered during the Census affects everything from government funding to democratic representation, with profound effects on people’s everyday lives. It’s crucial for the Census count to be as accurate as possible to ensure that New Yorkers receive their fair share of federal dollars and the correct number of representatives in the state and federal governments. The UFT wants everyone counted because everyone counts.

The Census will initially be gathering data by phone, by paper survey and — for the first time — online. U.S. residents will be encouraged to supply the necessary information by calling in and providing it over the phone or by filling out a form on a government website. From March 12 to March 20, the Census Bureau will send out mailings with either information about the form on the website and the phone number to call or a paper survey, depending on local internet connectivity. The bureau will then send reminder letters and postcards to non-respondents over the next several weeks. Additional reminders will go out on April 1, which is National Census Day. Finally, from May through the end of the Census in July, Census Bureau workers will visit people’s homes to survey residents directly.