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Come to the contract teach-in on Jan. 30

What is a teach-in?

A teach-in is a participatory discussion geared toward action. The first teach-ins were held in the 1960s to protest the Vietnam War: Instead of walking out of their classes, faculty members decided to “teach in” to encourage engagement and action.

What about the UFT teach-in on Jan. 30?

Our contract expired in September 2022. We have begun the bargaining process with the city and the DOE, led by our 500-member negotiating committee. 

On Monday, Jan. 30, educators are organizing a day of contract teach-ins at schools and worksites across the city.

At the teach-in, chapters will engage in a discussion about the power of our contract in shaping our experience as educators and then brainstorm actions your school can organize as part of our fight for the contract we deserve. Our bargaining power is connected to the strength of an informed and engaged membership!

    Teach-in resources

    Check out these infographics, fliers and other materials to help make your teach-in a success.

    See the resources

    Get involved!

    • Ask your school’s chapter leader or members of your contract action team (CAT) what time and where your school’s teach-in will take place.
    • Invite your colleagues to attend and participate with you.
    • Share your thoughts with your colleagues and on social media using the hashtag #UFTFairContractNow. Tag @UFT on Twitter and @uftny on Instagram so we can amplify your message!