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Celebrating our strong public schools
Honoring our dedicated educators, students and parents

New Yorkers want strong neighborhood schools that accept and uplift all children. In the face of the deep inequities that have riven our nation, public education is one of the few equalizers.

This vision is under grave assault. Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s U.S. education secretary, believes that education should be a private marketplace. She has used her family’s vast fortune to push private-school vouchers and for-profit charter schools.

But DeVos underestimates the commitment of the public education community. We will not allow her to defund and undermine our nation’s public schools. We are #PublicSchoolProud.

We want to showcase the great things that are happening in our public schools every day, honor our students’ accomplishments and illustrate the joys of teaching and learning.

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Watch the videos and see how educators, students and parents show they're #PublicSchoolProud.

See how educators, students and parents across the city came together on Valentine's Day 2017 to show why they love and are proud of their public schools.