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10 Reasons to be Public School Proud

10 Reasons to be Public School Proud photo

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1. The highest-ever high school graduation rate
"New York City Graduation Rate Climbs to Record Level," Channel 7 ABC News, Feb. 10, 2017

2. A high school dropout rate at an all-time low
"Mayor de Blasio touts record high in NYC graduation rates," New York Daily News, Feb. 10, 2017

3. Higher NYC reading and math scores than rest of the state when demographic differences are factored in
"New York City Public Schools No Longer Lag Rest of State," New York City Independent Budget Office, Feb. 2016
"New York City reading scores leap, matching state average for first time," Chalkbeat New York, July 29, 2016

4. 70,000-plus four-year-olds enrolled in full-day pre-K
"New York City's latest pre-K quality data includes success stories," Chalkbeat New York, Jan. 19, 2017

5. More than 300 career and technical education programs

6. More instruction in art, drama, theater and dance
"New Report Shows More Art Programs Offered in Public Schools," NY1, Dec. 14, 2016
"All city elementary schools offered at least one art class in 2015-2016 school year for first time ever," New York Daily News, Dec. 14, 2016

7. A record number of students taking and passing Advanced Placement exams
"Record Number of NYC Students Taking College-Level AP Classes, Mayor Says," DNAinfo, Jan. 18, 2017
"City launches $1.6M plan to bring more black, Hispanic students into Advanced Placement courses," New York Daily News, Jan. 15, 2017

8. Many more guidance counselors
"This school year in NYC: extra guidance counselors, computer science classes, literacy coaches and more," Chalkbeat New York, Sept. 8, 2016

9. Less focus on testing and test prep
"New York Regents Vote to Exclude State Tests in Teacher Evaluations," New York Times, Dec. 14, 2015
"It's testing time: no teacher evaluations with NY's shorter standardized tests," Albany Times-Union, April 4, 2016

10. 100% certified teachers
New York Daily News, April 15, 2008
New York Post, July 9, 2005