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Organize a #PublicSchoolProud project or event at your school

Every classroom has a story. Every school community has a story.

What is yours?

We all know the great things that happen in our schools every day. Each public school has a special place in the hearts of parents, students and the people who work there. With the very idea of public education under attack, now is the time to show why you love your school.

  • What special project has your class pursued?
  • How do your students inspire you?
  • What challenges have your students surmounted?
  • What special event does your school organize each year?
  • How are parents involved in the life of your school?

Get your whole school community involved. Focus on the positive.

Ready to get started?

Take these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the Public School Proud campaign (if you haven't already done so)
  2. Meet with colleagues and/or parents to organize your project or event. Here’s a full slide presentation that you can show at your kickoff meeting.
  3. Share your story! Post your photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and submit them here.

One note of caution: Before we can post photos of students or their work, you must collect UFT parent consent forms (the DOE form is not a proxy). You can download and print the form.

Thank you for standing up for our public schools!