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Dance Educators

New York City Dance Educators (NYCDE) is dedicated to ensuring that dance is an integral part of every New York City public school child's education. To this end, we strive to:

  • Provide a network and open forum for NYC public school dance educators, establishing open lines of communication with colleagues to exchange resources and obtain support.
  • Advocate for a comprehensive standards-based K-12 dance curriculum with appropriate assessments
  • Promote dance as an essential kinesthetic teaching strategy and advocate for dance education and educators with the city's Department of Education.
  • Increase opportunities to showcase student dance performances.
  • Strengthen our relationships with the larger NYC dance community and cultural organizations on behalf of all public school dance educators.
  • Provide quality professional development by and for all dance educators.

NYCDE engages in an ongoing recruitment process involving new teachers, regular teachers, support staff, retirees and other unionists who can offer their experience and expertise in the areas of dance and organization. Non-UFTers, including university employees and members of unions affiliated with New York City Central Labor Council, NYSUT, AFT, or AFL-CIO may serve as associate members.

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