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Friday, June 9, will be a remote workday for all DOE employees due to the unhealthy air quality. It will be a remote-instruction day for students scheduled to be in attendance.

Per Diem Committee

hexagon with blue background and symbol of person representing UFT Per Diems Committee

The UFT's Per Diem Committee exists to support and serve the approximately 12,000 per diem teachers in the New York City public school system. Per diem teachers are day-to-day substitutes; they are hired to substitute for other teachers on a daily basis either through Sub-Central or directly by schools in need of substitutes.

Since roughly half of the city's 12,000 per diem teachers would like to eventually become regularly appointed teachers, a major focus of the Per Diem Committee is guiding those interested through the process to receive their teaching certification and license. We host one or two workshops on this topic each year.

The committee also works to inform per diem teachers about the benefits available to them as UFT members such as reduced cost dental and prescription drug insurance and the union's wide offering of "Just for Fun" activities.

Finally, we also teach members about their rights on the job and the grievance procedure, which is the same for per diem and regularly appointed teachers, and, since per diem teachers are unable to work over the summer, we host annual workshops in May and June at which union attorneys present on how per diem teachers can apply for and receive unemployment benefits. Speakers from the Workers' Defense League typically join us for these workshops on unemployment benefits.

Per diem teachers should use the form below to enroll as members of the committee.

Join the committee