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Library Media Committee

UFT school library media specialists provide services to students and teachers in schools on all levels. A school library is an integral part of a school’s instructional program; according to New York State Commissioner’s Regulations, every school in the state must have a functioning library.

Although the regulations only require a certified school library media specialist in grades 7–12, it is the position of the UFT and our statewide affiliate, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), that there be a full time school librarian at every level.

Read the NYSUT resolution recommending a school librarian for all grades »

Here are some recent UFT activities regarding school librarians:

  • Borough-based meetings to provide the latest information and to hear directly for members
  • Assistance with certification and preparing for tenure, including one-on-one consultations and workshops
  • Exploring pathways to increase the number of certified school library media specialists
  • Hosting conferences and workshops, many in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education and offering CTLE credit.

Most recently, in response to concerns from school library media specialists, the UFT established a focus group to look at issues of specific interest to this hard-working group of UFT members. In addition to other activities, such as hearing from guest speakers from our education and grievance departments, members of the UFT School Library Focus Group will look at the current teacher evaluation system and discuss how it can be modified and adapted it to make it a useful tool for professional growth and learning for school library media specialists.

If you would like to be a member of this focus group (you don’t have to be a certified school library media specialist to join) contact

Join the committee