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Outdoor Environmental Educators

Are you a teacher who loves the outdoors and feels strongly about preserving our natural environment? Welcome to the UFT’s Outdoor-Environmental Education Committee!

The Outdoor-Environmental Education Committee gathers and disseminates information about the environment and outdoor facilities and activities available to New York City educators and the school community. This information can be used to enrich students' learning by exposing them to the ecological diversity of our region and the importance of environmental conservation. It is our belief that by teaching our community to cherish our environment we can help to protect it and pass it on to future generations.

To this end, we participate in a number of excursions and activities. In addition to attending conferences hosted by the New York State Outdoor Education Association, the National Science Teachers Association, the Science Council of New York City and the UFT, we participate in the American Littoral Society’s Inter-coastal Beach Clean-Up in September and the Clearwater Revival Festival in June. We also host a retreat each summer at Gateway and a family getaway each winter in the Poconos. And these are just a few of our fun events – come join us!

All UFT members are welcome to join the committee and to participate in any of our activities. Please contact Robert Newmark at 212-598-7772 for more information.

And remember to recycle!

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