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Lessons on equity and fairness

The UFT Teacher Center compiled this group of lessons on equity and fairness.

Grades K–2

Introducing Equity and Equality, created by a 1st-grade teacher in the South Bronx

In this lesson, students learn to distinguish between equity (fairness) and equality (even distribution).

Grades 3–5

What's Fair?, from Teaching Tolerance at the Southern Poverty Law Center

After participating in an activity that helps students distinguish what is fair and what is unfair, students reflect on unfairness in history.

Grades 6–8

Character Education: Fairness, from Learning to Give

In these lessons, students work together to develop a definition of fairness and discuss ways to respond to unfairness.

Grades 9–12

Extending Suffrage to Women, from the National Archives' DocsTeach

An interactive experience in which students examine documents relating to women's suffrage and consider how the struggle of the civil rights movement (in part to realize the promises of racial equity in the 15th Amendment) connects to the struggle of suffragettes.