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Administrative Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Update - May 2018

Administrative Education Officers/Education Analysts Chapter Update May 2018

  • Upcoming chapter leader elections: In the face of the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case, having a strong union is more important than ever. The foundation of that strength is provided by the union representatives at the school and functional chapter level.

    This May, UFT members will elect chapter leaders, delegates and para reps for the next three years, from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2021. Each school has a chapter leader elected by the members of that school. Functional chapters, which represent non-teacher members including administrative education officers/analysts, secretaries, school nurses or school counselors, elect citywide chapter leaders.

    UFT members have a right to run for office, nominate other members and vote for candidates. Electing a solid team is important to your interests, the strength of your school or professional community and the strength of our union. You must be a member of the UFT to hold office or vote in the union’s elections. We encourage all members to vote.

    Read about the responsibilities of a chapter leader »

    Nominating forms are in the mail, and you should receive them shortly. The deadline for returning the forms is Friday, May 18. Please note: nominations must be received no later than May 18, not postmarked May 18.

    • Exam Update: Exams for Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers have been postponed. The Notice of Exam, which hasn’t been released yet, provides information to determine eligibility and provides you with an outline of the required skills needed for the job. These same skills will drive the creation of the exam, so it is imperative that you become familiar with the Notice of Exam in preparation for the exam.

      The DOE and the UFT, in collaboration with the UFT Teacher Center, are working toward the development of a course to assist you in preparing for the exams. I'll provide more information on this class as soon as I have it.

      The Department of Citywide Administrative Services does not provide test-taking materials. Independent publishers sell materials, which may prepare you for the exam but we cannot vouch for them. For questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Citywide Administrative Services by email at or call 212-386-1701.
    • Civil service 101: We heard a presentation from DCAS' Crystal Monge and her team at our April 25 meeting at UFT headquarters. Ms. Monge is the executive director for customer engagement and compliance at DCAS. She reviewed a number of topics about civil services rules. If you missed the meeting, you can read the DCAS handout, Civil Service 101 - Frequently Asked Questions.

    Issues we're working on

    • Weekly flex time is still under discussion with the DOE, but we're getting closer to finalization. We anticipate sending you an update with some concrete information as soon as the DOE approves relevant language.

    Please save the date for our next chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 23, at the UFT Brooklyn borough office, 335 Adams St., at 5:30 p.m. At our meetings, we bring you up to date on union and chapter business and we get to hear from you about your concerns or your ideas. Involvement in the union keeps the union strong! Light refreshments are served. I look forward to seeing you.


    Denise Crawford
    Administrative Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Leader

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