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Teacher Center expanded literacies conference

Communicating with art

Communicating with art
New York Teacher

Goldston demonstrates the art of nonverbal performance.

Art a workshop on improvisational art, teachers (from left) Lisa Huang, Jennifer Lee and Heather Harrington and teaching artist Katie Palmer sing together.

A researcher, a teaching artist and a mime walk into the UFT. It’s not the setup to a joke, but the basis of the expanded literacies conference — titled Creative Teaching Practices for 21st Century Teaching and Learning — that took place at UFT headquarters on April 5. Co-sponsored by the UFT Teacher Center, the Center for Arts Education, Visual Thinking Strategies and the Lambert Foundation, the free conference was aimed at helping arts educators integrate creative teaching strategies across curriculum. About 150 educators and teaching artists attended the conference, whose keynote speakers were Philip Yenawine — the co-founder of Visual Thinking Strategies, a professional development and curriculum program — and Flossie Chua, a researcher whose work focuses on interdisciplinary learning. In a workshop on improvisational art, participants built towers of plastic materials, constructed paper dresses and sang harmonies. Other workshops focused on the new National Arts Standards and how to use artwork to inspire critical thinking. One of the highlights of the event was a performance by renowned mime artist Gregg Goldston.