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New UFT Teacher Center opens at IS 240, Brooklyn

‘An ongoing journey’
New York Teacher
The shiny new workstations at the school’s Teacher Center.

Nieves welcomes educators and visitors to the event.
Jonathan Fickes
Nieves welcomes educators and visitors to the event.

Cheryl Saunders, a 6th-grade special education teacher at Andries Hudde, IS 240, in Brooklyn, says Betty Nieves, now the site coordinator of the school’s new Teacher Center, helped turn her teaching career around. “Just like students, we need our confidence built,” Saunders said. “From the time she stepped into my classroom, I’ve been able to grow and develop under her guidance.” Bushra Javed, an ESL teacher at the school in Midwood, said Nieves has been invaluable to all the staff. “She helps us with planning instruction, classroom management — she’s always there,” she said. An event to celebrate the new Teacher Center on May 16 featured a dance and drumming performance by the students. UFT President Michael Mulgrew, who was on hand for the festivities, congratulated the educators on their school’s collaborative culture. John Gaita, a first-year math and science teacher who had previously worked as a paraprofessional, said Nieves “helped me find my way as a teacher” and other colleagues also had been supportive. Nieves said all of the teachers at IS 240 have grown professionally over the past year. “It’s an ongoing journey,” she said. “The beauty of a Teacher Center is that you never stop learning how to reach and engage students.”

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