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School Psychologist Appreciation Day

Helping all children learn
New York Teacher
Erica Berger
UFT Social Workers and Psychologists Chapter Leader Raul Garcia (second from left) chats with members during the event.

The union’s third annual School Psychologist Appreciation Day on Nov. 20 drew more than 150 school psychologists to UFT headquarters for a day of exhibits and presentations. The psychologists learned about assessment tools for dyslexia, autism and risky behavior, as well as how to evaluate English language learners for intervention, monitoring and growth. “It was very informative,” said Angela Jenkins, a school psychologist at Pathways to Graduation in Queens. “I’m thrilled that there are assessments specific to dyslexia.” Raul Garcia, the new chapter leader of the UFT’s Social Workers and Psychologists Chapter, led a discussion on topics including the diagnosis and classification of dyslexia. Garcia urged everyone to become familiar with the new DOE-UFT contract, which enables functional chapter members to use the enhanced consultation process to address issues of space, materials and workload. Using the rights defined in the contract will empower members and their union, he told his colleagues. “We are only as strong as you allow us to be,” Garcia said.

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