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Clarification of DOE email on civil service

The information below was sent in an email to all occupational and physical therapists in June 2014 in regard to a letter from the DOE about the civil service appointment process:

You will soon be receiving a letter from the Department of Education relating to your appointment from the recently established civil service list. This information should clarify several issues that you may be concerned about when you receive this letter.

  • While this letter appears on DOE letterhead, we have been informed that it is standard language used by the NYC Division of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) for all candidates for civil service appointment. This letter has been sent to all individuals on the civil service lists, both DOE employees and non-DOE employees.
  • According to DCAS requirements, individuals who have passed an exam must either come in for an interview or submit a cover letter and resume notifying the employing agency that they wish to be considered for appointment. The DOE chose the latter because it was simpler and more expeditious.
  • The letter makes reference to a one year probationary period. In accordance with our recent agreement, your probationary period will be reduced by an amount equal to your prior service, not to exceed nine months. At our request, the DOE will be sending an email to all therapists confirming this agreement.
  • The letter also states that you will be assigned “in the borough of Citywide.” Please understand that in the context of this letter, “Citywide” does not mean District 75. The appointment process will not change or impact your current assignment. This, too, will be confirmed at our request in the DOE email.
  • We have spoken with the DOE about the cover letter and resume requirements. The DOE does not expect you to go to the expense of having them professionally prepared.

Finally, it is imperative that you send your cover letter and resume within the timeframe in the letter. Your cover letter and resume must be sent to the address in the letter and postmarked no later than June 27, 2014.

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