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Consultation Meeting Minutes: Nov. 5, 2014

Consultation meeting of the UFT and NYC Department of Education

Date of meeting : Nov. 5, 2014

Held at: 28-11 Queens Plaza North

In attendance:

  • UFT: Leslie McDonnell, OT/PT chapter leader, and Laura Tamburo, special representative and therapist liaison
  • DOE: OT Director Suzanne Sanchez, OT Director Darnell Young and PT Director Carlo Vialu

The following was discussed:

  • Assignment list for the current therapists will be shared with the UFT.
  • A copy of the posting and responsibilities regarding the SIT position will be sent.
  • The SIT position is a mentor positing and not mandatory except for new hires.
  • A suggestion was made to generate a needs assessment regarding PD for therapists.
  • There was a discussion regarding following up with the online evaluation of the workshop mentioned in the last meeting.
  • It was discussed that speakers for future workshops should be nationally known.
  • PD for therapists will not include the supervisor?s level workshops this year.
  • Paperwork responsibilities at the school level was discussed.
  • Therapists should contact their supervisors when additional school demands become excessive so that the supervisor may assist in a remedy.
  • There was a request to follow up with an email regarding school supplies and equipment.
  • There was a discussion regarding the distribution of Google Chromebooks.
  • Therapists will be officially notified through the Department of Citywide Administrative Services regarding Chromebook distribution.
  • A note was made that the Department of Education will send out the contact list for supervisors.
  • The summer program letter was discussed.
  • The DOE website with HR Connect guidelines for maternity (with fillable forms) was discussed.
  • It was noted that the HR issue was not part of the meeting.