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Exam proctoring guidelines for school counselors

Please note this important information about our role during testing periods which ran in the Dec. 18 Principal's Weekly:

Guidance counselors cannot serve as test-room proctors or hall monitors unless it is an emergency (i.e., other staff are unavailable).

This includes the upcoming January Regents exams, in-school SAT administration on Wednesday, March 27, testing periods that occur in elementary and middle schools in April and May, and June Regents exams.

Please share this information with your school's chapter leader.

Many school counselors tell me they've been assigned as proctors for exams. While I understand that emergencies sometimes happen, this should be the exception and not the rule. We cannot perform duties that are normally performed by a classroom teacher. Proctoring is a teacher assignment.

If you are given a proctoring assignment, please call me at 212-598-7776 or email me at and also alert your building's chapter leader.

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