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Guidelines for letters in your file

If you receive a letter in your file, please note that:

  • Signing the letter indicates only that you have seen the material, not that you agree with it.

  • You are entitled to two copies of the letter; one to sign and return, and one to keep for your records.

  • You are entitled to a reasonable timeframe to read the letter before signing and returning it.

  • You are entitled to write a rebuttal to the letter at any time and have that response attached to the letter in the file. You should notify your chapter leader if you receive a letter to your file. It is important to discuss your response to the letter with your chapter leader and have him or her review it before you submit it.

  • You are entitled to remove letters from the file that are more than three years old if disciplinary charges do not follow

For more information about receiving a letter in your file, visit Know Your Rights.

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