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Hearing Education Services Update - November 2017

Your chapter leader and the union fight for you year-round, making sure your contractual rights are upheld. Chapter leaders meet regularly with DOE officials to solve problems and bring your issues to the forefront. This year, we introduced the Chapter Update to keep members posted about these meetings and the progress we make negotiating on your behalf.

  • Makeup sessions: HES members have asked for clarification regarding the procedure for makeup sessions. Makeup sessions should be held during the school day, if your school and schedule allow it. They can even be made up as a double session. If this is not possible, sessions can be made up after school, and you can receive per session pay. You can also invite students to receive summer services.
  • Too many sessions: HES teachers in some of the boroughs have been assigned to too many sessions due to teachers who are sick or on maternity leave. Members in the Bronx and Staten Island are overwhelmed. We are exploring solutions to this issue including advertising for new providers and recruiting new HES teachers from graduate programs.
  • Training for Google Chromebooks: After years of asking for computers for our HES teachers, related service providers now have Chromebooks to use for activities including SESIS. HES teachers reported that they greatly appreciated the Chromebook training they received on Sept. 28, and they would like more advanced training. I will let you know about future training dates once that information becomes available.
  • Professional development: We enjoyed a lecture on assessment for students with hearing loss given by the Columbia University Audiology and Hearing Department at Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School on Nov. 7. I want you to feel informed and empowered as HES teachers, and I will keep you updated about future professional development opportunities.
  • Consultation: We have our next consultation meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 29. We meet every month with the DOE to discuss and find solutions to important chapter issues. If you are interested in joining our consultation committee, please contact me at
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