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HES Consultation Committee Meeting Minutes: April 2016

Date: Wednesday, April 13

Time: 4–5 p.m.
Location: 400 First Ave., 5th floor, Manhattan

In attendance: Helen Kaufman, assistant superintendent; Cecilia Cortez, UFT HES chapter leader; Janet Palumbo Katz, Staten Island HES-related service teacher and UFT delegate; note taker Donna Kafko, Brooklyn West HES-related services teacher and delegate; and Noel Lehrer, Brooklyn East HES-related services teacher and UFT delegate.


Ms. Cortez asked Ms. Kaufman what was decided on at the supervisors' meeting regarding the use of the new IEP annual tracking form. This form is needed because monthly paperwork is not being updated.

Ms. Kaufman stated that HES teachers are not required to do the IEP annual tracking form as long as they update their caseload when changes are necessary. Changes can be made quarterly.


Ms. Cortez asked about a SBO (discussed last month) for an HES teacher to do the TRAC processing. Ms. Kaufman stated that it is not going to happen. It would not be appropriate because it is confidential information. The process will remain as it currently is.


Ms. Cortez asked about the feasibility of an HES newsletter. Originally, it was stated that a committee could be formed to do this newsletter.

Ms. Kaufman suggested that everyone submit items to the HES supervisors to be combined into a newsletter. Information reported in May will be included in the June newsletter. Ms. Kaufman said that an HES newsletter will be put together by the HES supervisors by June.


Ms. Cortez asked for a copy of the HES budget at the last consultation meeting. Ms. Kaufman gave her a copy of this year's budget. Ms. Kaufman also announced that the Hearing Loss Association will award three scholarships to deserving senior students.


Ms. Cortez asked about HES teacher evaluations of the program and its supervisors that will take place by the end of the year. Our 250 teachers will complete a survey during the PD day in June.

Ms. Kaufman said she will consider this request. First, she would like a copy of the online principal survey currently used by the DOE. It was suggested that we could create a committee to write this form. Ideally, Ms. Cortez would like this to be used for and completed by the June professional development day. Mr. Lehrer felt that November would be a more realistic time frame, but Ms. Cortez strongly believes that the evaluations should be done this year. In addition, many HES teachers want the evaluation to take place this year.


Ms. Kaufman clarified the concept of partial fractional time. She stated that three hours and 20 minutes of work loss in a year leads to a day's lost pay. An HES teacher can take time up to three hours and 20 minutes before losing a day's pay. That can be taken in small amounts as long as it is less than three hours and 20 minutes. HES teachers cannot move lunch to the end of the day. We are paid for six hours and 50 minutes and lunch is factored in to this time. HES teachers can check time taken off in the DOE portal. Ms. Kaufman will check how we can be apprised of our partial time. Mr. Lehrer asked if we could get this printout midyear.

The next consultation committee meeting is May 25.

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