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Unmonitored charters

A new report says the State of Louisiana has failed to adequately monitor its publicly funded charter schools to confirm that the schools’ reported numbers of graduates, dropouts and student attendance are true.

DOE says it will speed up PCB light fixture removal

The Department of Education has finally agreed to speed its replacement of light fixtures laden with cancer-causing PCBs that threaten the health and safety of students and staff in 650 city schools.

Arbitration process to settle evaluation system begins

The UFT and the city Department of Education each submitted lengthy proposals for a New York City teacher evaluation system to the State Education Department on May 8. State Education Commissioner John King will consider the proposals and decide on a final plan by June 1, in time for the start of the next school year.

The panel of labor experts and UFT representatives listen during the union's ope

Contract fact-finding kicks off

The UFT began the first fact-finding hearing for a new contract on May 6. The dispute pivots largely on the question of pattern bargaining. The UFT’s position is that its members are entitled to the same raises as other city workers have received. The DOE counters that it can't afford it.

News literacy programs expanding in U.S. schools

With information and news sources proliferating on social media and the Internet, educators say it is increasingly important to teach students how to separate fact from fiction.

Florida teachers sue over evaluation system

Teachers in Florida have filed a federal lawsuit claiming the state’s new teacher evaluation system is unfair because it partly rates their job performance on test scores of students they don’t know and subjects they don’t teach.

HS classmates’ economic status matters

Socioeconomic segregregation in schools greatly affects students' graduation and college enrollment rates, new research shows.

Government-austerity hawks rely on flawed research

Michelle Rhee's record under scrutiny, new science standards, and other news from around the country.

Michelle Rhee’s record under scrutiny

Michelle Rhee's record under scrutiny, new science standards, and other news from around the country.

Girl using a computer and working at home

Here's an FAQ about remote counseling

The UFT and the DOE collaborated on this FAQ to address some of your questions and concerns about remote counseling.