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New Lead Teacher Assistant position has been posted

The Department of Education on June 24 posted the Lead Teacher Assistant, the new career ladder position for paraprofessionals negotiated by the DOE and the UFT.

Only paraprofessionals with a bachelor’s degree qualify to apply for this position.

The DOE has posted on its website important information about the Lead Teacher Assistant position including the posting, a tentative list of schools that have expressed interest in having this new role as well as a link to the application.

See the posting and other vital information »

This new position:

  • allows schools to use paraprofessionals in the role of true assistant teachers, supporting all aspects of instruction in the classroom and working with students alone or in small groups under the general supervision of the classroom teacher;
  • allows for more diverse use of paraprofessionals in classrooms and schools to support the needs of students;
  • supports the growth and development of paraprofessionals who serve in the role as well as their colleagues in the school; and
  • provides additional annual compensation of $5,000 over and above the regular salary.

The online application requires essays to be submitted as well as a resume to be uploaded. 

See the essay questions »

Paraprofessionals who apply are encouraged to write their essays in advance and copy and paste them into the application.

The application deadline is July 15, 2016.   

If you have questions, please call the DOE’s HR Connect at 718-935-4000 or the UFT Paraprofessionals Chapter at 212-777-7500.

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