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New Procedures for Adding/Removing Students and Recording First Attend Dates

New York Teacher

We are writing to share important information about changes in the way you will add and remove students from your caseloads and record your "first attend" dates. This is what you need to know:

  • IVR has been disabled and will no longer be used to add students and record “first attend” dates.
  • Students previously served by the provider will be uploaded to the provider’s caseload for the current year.
  • New students will be added to a provider’s caseload using the caseload management function in SESIS. Related service points/liaisons in schools will assist providers in adding new students this year.
  • Providers will remove students no longer being seen from their caseload using a four-step process on SESIS. The DOE has assured us that students removed through this process are permanently removed from the provider’s caseload.
  • Once the student is on the provider’s caseload, the first encounter with the student recorded in Encounter Attendance will serve as the student’s "first attend" date.

Like you, we are skeptical when the DOE introduces a new SESIS procedure and promises that it is simple, flawless and timesaving.  We are also keenly aware that many members still do not have adequate time, training, equipment and/or bandwidth to complete their existing SESIS responsibilities.  We pushed hard to make this as painless as possible.  For now, our fingers are crossed, but our ears are to the ground.