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New testing accommodations for multiple day administration and NYSESLAT

Streamlined process for multiple day administration

Schools are no longer required to request prior approval from the State Education Department to administer state assessments over multiple days. Instead, schools can now complete and submit an Assurance of Multiple Day Administration of State Assessments for each student whose IEP or Section 504 plan recommends multiple day administration of state assessments. 

Multiple day administration is an accommodation that permits students who are unable to complete an assessment in a single day or testing session because of their disability to take the assessment over multiple days. This accommodation can also be considered for students with disabilities who have extended time as a testing accommodation and are scheduled to take more than one state assessment in a single day.

See more information about this revised procedure, including considerations for determining students’ needs; documentation requirements; and procedures for implementing assessments over multiple days.

'Tests read' accommodation now allowed for NYSESLAT

Beginning with the 2017 test administration, students with disabilities who have the “tests read” accommodation on their individualized education programs (IEPs) or Section 504 accommodation plans (504 plans) must be provided with this accommodation for all sections of the test. In prior years, the listening, speaking, and writing sections of the NYSESLAT could be read to students (by way of human reader or technology) but the reading section could not. Now, all sections of the NYSESLAT can be read aloud to students with disabilities who have this accommodation. See additional information on considerations for recommending the “tests read” accommodation and documenting the recommendation in an IEP or 504 plan.