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News about OT/PT Annual Review Plan

The Department of Education and the UFT sent this joint memo on June 1, 2015 to all DOE physical and occupational therapists.

SUBJECT: Annual Review Plan

Intervention planning and clinical decision making are critical elements in the successful provision of school-based occupational and physical therapy. In order to further strengthen support for this work and the services we provide to students, the DOE and the UFT are collaborating to develop a therapist clinical guide.

This clinical guide will focus on the skills and student supports that are specific to OT/PT staff, with clinical content not found in a student’s IEP to help drive the decision-making thought processes. We will introduce the therapist clinical guide in September for use by all DOE occupational and physical therapists in conjunction with quality IEP development.

However, as of this date it is the policy of the DOE that the use of the OT/PT Annual Review Plan (ARP) will no longer be required of DOE OT/PT staff. The clinical guide will be developed in collaboration between the UFT and DOE and will not include the ARP. This will not be a replacement to the OT/PT Practice Guide but rather will add to therapists clinical decision making tools.

For students with IEPs recommending OT and/or PT services, these services are integral components in ensuring students achieve their IEP goals and access the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible. OTs and PTs bring a unique set of expertise and clinical knowledge to the educational setting that can support students a variety of settings. Therapists should continue to consider all aspects of service delivery (group size, location and frequency and intervention methods), to ensure services are being recommended and subsequently provided in the least restrictive environment. OT and PT supervisors will continue to provide clinical supervision with a focus on the use of varied service delivery models and student movement to the least restrictive environment, and consistent with the planning and decision making the new clinical guide will be designed to support.

We look forward to continued collaboration with all OT/PT staff, OT/PT supervisors, the DOE and the UFT toward providing the highest quality of OT and PT services to the students of New York City.

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