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3 percent raise in late June

New York Teacher

UFT members employed by the Department of Education will receive a wage increase of 3 percent, effective June 16, in accordance with the UFT–DOE contract ratified in 2014. Combined with a 2 percent wage increase representing the fourth step of the phase-in of the 8 percent retroactive rate increase arising from the 2009–11 period, UFT members will have received a total salary increase of 5 percent in May and June.

The additional 3 percent increase will be included in UFT members’ checks as follows:

  • Teachers, paraprofessionals and other pedagogues on the Q bank will see the increase in their June 30 paychecks.
  • Sub-paraprofessionals will see the increase on a supplemental payroll dated June 28 for time worked during the June 16–30 pay period.
  • Eligible H-Bank employees, including therapists and nurses, will see the increase in their June 29 paychecks.
  • UFT members who work per diem and/or per session will see the increase on a check generated on July 11 for days worked as of June 16.

UFT members will be receiving three more lump-sum payments through 2020 reflecting the increased take-home pay they would have earned had they received 4 percent raises in both 2009 and 2010. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave those increases to members of some municipal unions, but refused to give them to public school educators and other city employees at the time.

Members received 12.5 percent of those earnings in October 2015 and a second 12.5 percent share in October 2017. They will receive the balance in lump-sum payments of 25 percent each in October 2018, 2019 and 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact a salary rep in your UFT borough office.

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