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DOE guidance for itinerant counselors

News Stories

The following email was sent on Sunday, Sept. 13, to school counselors from Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson.

In such an uncertain time, the UFT is fighting for common-sense working conditions for all titles in our membership. To that end, the union has reached agreement with the Department of Education on itinerant employees during the blended learning period.

School counselors who are itinerant employees will not have to report to multiple worksites. If you have a payroll school, but you are split among two or more schools, you will only report to your payroll school for your regularly assigned work hours. If you don’t have a payroll school, you will be assigned to only one school, as designated by your supervisor, and any work that is not done at that school will be done remotely. The combined time that you are in the school building plus your remote work cannot exceed your contractual work hours.

I will continue to share new guidance with you as it becomes available.

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