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Guidance on providing mandated services and absence coverage in ICT classes

News Stories

From the Nov. 2016 Principals' Weekly

In accordance with federal law, the programs and services in a student’s IEP — which may include special education programs (e.g. Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes) — are legally mandated. Professionals who provide services as mandated in students’ IEPs (including special education teachers, and general education teachers in ICT classes) must serve each student as mandated, and may not be assigned to other duties (such as exam scoring, exam proctoring, or coverage for other classes) that would prevent them from doing so, except under extraordinary circumstances. Substitute coverage must be arranged for both general education teachers and special education teachers serving ICT classrooms, in the event of an absence or if that ICT teacher is assigned other duties because of extraordinary circumstances.

For guidance on this policy, including questions regarding extraordinary circumstances, contact your FSC administrator for special education (ASE).

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