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Mulgrew wins another term as UFT president

New York Teacher
Caucus representatives watch the vote count at American Arbitration Association
Jonathan Fickies
Caucus representatives watch the vote count at American Arbitration Association headquarters.
Jonathan Fickies

A vote counter prepares to sort out a stack of ballots.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew won his third term as the union’s president with 76 percent of the vote, the preliminary results showed. Mulgrew, the Unity Caucus candidate, received 39,176 votes. Jia Lee, the MORE/New Action Caucus candidate, received 10,743 votes, while Solidarity Caucus candidate Francesco Portelos received 1,456 votes.

“I am honored that so many UFT members supported my re-election,” Mulgrew said. “Together, we will use the next three years to build on our work, celebrate our schools and do what is best for our members — the people who have chosen to make education their lives’ work — and for our public schools.”

The voting results, which were tabulated by the American Arbitration Association and announced on May 27, also show the election of the following candidates on the Mulgrew/Unity slate: Howard Schoor, secretary; LeRoy Barr, assistant secretary; Mel Aaronson, treasurer; Tom Brown, assistant treasurer; Karen Alford, vice president for elementary schools; Richard Mantell, vice president for intermediate schools; Janella Hinds, vice president for academic high schools; Sterling Roberson, vice president for career and technical education high schools; Carmen Alvarez, vice president for special education; Evelyn DeJesus, vice president for education; and Anne Goldman, vice president for members not employed by the New York City Department of Education. They will all serve three-year terms that begin on July 1.

The Unity Caucus won all other positions with the exception of the high school Executive Board seats, which were won by the MORE/New Action Caucus.

Mulgrew was elevated to the presidency after serving as the union’s vice president for career and technical education high schools and its chief operating officer. He was elected to his first full term as UFT president in 2010. He began as a teacher and spent most of his 12 years at William E. Grady HS in Brooklyn, where he served as chapter leader for five years.

About 53,000 ballots were returned from eligible voters, including teachers, paraprofessionals, school secretaries, occupational and physical therapists, guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, administrative law judges, registered nurses and family child care providers.

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