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Most schools will return to in-person learning in the fall

New York Teacher

Schools around the United States are planning a return to widespread in-person instruction for the 2021-22 school year, with some districts eliminating remote learning entirely.

Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon, are among the public school districts that will retain some kind of remote instruction for their students next year. New York City will have no remote learning option and districts like Chicago and the District of Columbia will restrict remote learning to students who meet certain requirements, such as medical conditions.

At the state level, 16 states require or expect all students to return to classrooms in the fall. New Jersey is among the few states that have announced all in-person instruction, while Massachusetts and Illinois have advised their school districts to offer remote learning only in limited circumstances.

Some states, including South Carolina, Kentucky and Texas, are considering providing less per-pupil funding for remote learners.

According to a May survey by the National Parents Union, 20% of parents want entirely remote instruction for their children.

Education Week, June 1

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