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Upstate educators lose jobs as state aid dips

New York Teacher

Schenectady public schools in upstate New York laid off about 450 educators in September as the coronavirus crisis caused the city of 66,135, located in the Capital District, to lose almost $29 million in state aid.

The layoffs occurred in three phases and included teachers, teaching assistants, lunch monitors and middle school principals. Some school buildings were forced to close temporarily. Grades 7–12 switched to fully remote learning while pre-K classes were delayed until January 2021.

The city has saved about $28 million as a result of these measures and may seek further cuts if state funding continues to fall.

Layoffs have occurred in other school districts in New York State, including Albany, where 222 school staff members, including 52 teachers and 55 teaching assistants, lost their jobs due to lack of funding. 

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