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DA endorses 21 candidates

New York Teacher
Political Endorsements

The UFT Delegate Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution to endorse 21 candidates for elected office at its virtual meeting on Jan. 13.

Donovan Richards, the Queens borough president who won a special election in November, again received the union’s backing.

The delegates approved the endorsement of 12 incumbent City Council members running for reelection this year: Carlina Rivera from District 2, Keith Powers from District 4, Diana Ayala from District 8, Mark Gjonaj from District 13, Francisco Moya from District 21, Adrienne Adams from District 28, Robert Holden from District 30, Darma Diaz from District 37, Alicka Ampry-Samuel from District 41, Justin Brannan from District 43, Kalman Yeger from District 44 and Farah Louis from District 45.

The delegates also endorsed eight candidates seeking to fill vacant seats on the City Council this year: Jenny Low in District 1, Gale Brewer in District 6, Ischia Bravo in District 15, Sandra Ung in District 20, Sheker Krishnan in District 25, Lincoln Restler in District 33, Crystal Hudson in District 35 and Ari Kagan in District 47.

At the Delegate Assembly on Dec. 16, the body approved two resolutions:

  • The UFT will continue its efforts honoring and advocating for Latin American educators.
  • The union will promote health care and human rights protections for transgender people.

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