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Mary Vaccaro new VP for education

New York Teacher
Mary Vaccaro
Pat Arnow

Mary Vaccaro

Mary Vaccaro, the Queens District 26 representative for the past 16 years and a teacher for 26 years, has been elected UFT vice president for education by the UFT Executive Board.

She succeeds Evelyn DeJesus, who is now the executive vice president of the AFT.

“I know Mary will build upon all this union’s existing instructional programs and services and will create new ones,” DeJesus said. “And she will continue to make the UFT an educational force for all our members.”

Vaccaro, a graduate of Adelphi University, has been part of the union’s negotiating team working on the reopening of city schools. She has been a teacher at PS/IS 266 in Bellerose, Queens, for 18 years and is a member of the UFT Executive Board. During her years as both a teacher and a district representative, she has worked extensively with parents and the community.

MS 158 Chapter Leader David Waltzer said Vaccaro was a fierce advocate for the schools in her district. “Mary always makes sure we have the information and tools necessary to build strong school chapters,” he said. “She visits our schools regularly and brings in whatever is necessary to help us in our work.”

Vaccaro is married to Vincent Vaccaro, a teacher at Martin Van Buren HS in Queens and an adjunct professor at Queensborough Community College. They have two college-age sons.

In accepting the nomination to her new post, Vaccaro said, “I’m proud to follow in the footsteps of the women who have held this position before me.”

Queens Borough Representative Amy Arundell described Vaccaro as a “dedicated activist and educator.”

“Mary led District 26 with distinction,” Arundell said, “and will continue this service in her new role as vice president for education.”