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Mulgrew re-elected UFT president

Unity Caucus candidates capture remaining 11 officer positions
New York Teacher
Mulgrew re-elected
Jonathan Fickies

American Arbitration Association staff count the UFT election ballots at union headquarters.

Michael Mulgrew

Michael Mulgrew, who has been the UFT president since 2009, won his fifth term in the post.

UFT members have elected Michael Mulgrew to a fifth term as UFT president. He received 66% of the vote as the Unity Caucus candidate, beating United for Change standard-bearer Camille Eterno, who garnered 34% of the vote.

The independent American Arbitration Association counted the nearly 51,000 mail ballots cast and announced the results on May 11.

“I am honored that — after a couple of very difficult years for the schools and for our members — I have been re-elected,” Mulgrew said. “I look forward to working with the entire UFT to ensure that the school system functions well for everyone — employees, children and their families.”

The following candidates running with Mulgrew on the Unity slate were also re-elected: LeRoy Barr, secretary; Michael Sill, assistant secretary; Debra Penny, treasurer; Tom Brown, assistant treasurer; Mary Vaccaro, vice president for education; Karen Alford, vice president for elementary schools; Richard Mantell, vice president for middle schools; Janella Hinds, vice president for academic high schools; Leo Gordon, vice president for career and technical education high schools; Mary Jo Ginese, vice president for special education; and Anne Goldman, vice president for members not employed by the city Department of Education.

They will all serve three-year terms that begin on July 1.

Candidates from the Unity Caucus won 83 of the 90 Executive Board seats, with United for Change winning all seven of the high school board seats.

Mulgrew became president in 2009 when Randi Weingarten stepped down to devote her full energies to being president of the American Federation of Teachers, the UFT’s parent union. Mulgrew, who had been the union’s vice president for career and technical education high schools and its chief operating officer, was elected to his first full term in 2010. He began his career as a teacher and spent most of his 12 years in the classroom at William E. Grady HS in Brooklyn, where he served as chapter leader for five years.

Eligible voters in the election included all DOE-employed UFT members, administrative law judges, registered nurses represented by the Federation of Nurses/UFT, family child care providers and other in-service and retired UFT members.

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