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School budget fight update

New York Teacher

The city’s more than $400 million in budget cuts to schools across the city in September will stand after an appeals court ruled on Nov. 22 that the New York City Council won’t have to vote again on the education budget.

The appeals court agreed that city officials violated state education law in how they passed the budget for this fiscal year, but the panel decided that requiring a new budget vote would be unsettling to “the DOE’s operations and be detrimental to students and teachers alike.” The decision overturned the Aug. 5 ruling in which a lower court judge asked for a budget redo because the City Council adopted the city budget before the Panel for Educational Policy had voted to approve the education portion of it.

"The DOE still needs to make school communities whole,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “It has the funding. The city needs to stop the financial fear-mongering and do right by our students and educators."

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