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Coronavirus Update

Parent newsletter: Coronavirus resource hub update

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Each of the UFT's parent liaisons sent this update to their borough's contact list the week of April 1, 2020.

We sent you an email last week about our new family resource hub on the UFT website. It's full of news and resources to help ease the burden of the coronavirus pandemic and the transition to remote learning for New York City families.

We're continuously updating the hub and have added some new resources since last week. If you visit the parent section of the UFT website, you'll find:

For dozens of more resources — including the latest information from the Department of Education about free meals and online learning, financial relief, academic enrichment and at-home entertainment — keep checking the family resource hub on the UFT website.

Visit the UFT's coronavirus resource hub for parents

We'll be in touch later this month, and continuously throughout the crisis, as we add more resources for families.

Stay safe. We're in this together.

For one-on-one support, you can contact your borough's UFT parent liaison directly.

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