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Preparing for your initial planning conference

New York Teacher

All initial planning conferences under the teacher evaluation and development system must be held by Friday, Oct. 30. The meeting should be set at a time mutually agreed upon by you and your evaluator.

Here are some key points to help you prepare for this important meeting:

Decide before your meeting which observation option you want and be prepared to give your evaluator a completed Measures of Teaching Practice observation option selection form at the end of the meeting. Make sure you keep a copy of the completed form.

Decide whether or not you want to be videotaped as part of your evaluation and record this at your meeting using the observation option selection form. Again, make sure you keep a copy of the completed form.

Review your class rosters and look closely at the needs of the students you will be teaching. Be prepared to discuss this with your evaluator to make sure you have a shared understanding of the particular courses and students you have this year.

Identify opportunities for support. Before your meeting, consider what supports and resources you will need this year to help you in your development as an educator and in teaching your particular courses and students. Bring this list with you to the meeting to discuss with your evaluator.

Consider reviewing your evaluations and observation feedback from the last two years prior to the initial planning conference. Your evaluator is likely to have reviewed your prior years’ evaluations so it would be helpful for you to also have looked at them again.

Prepare to discuss your Measures of Student Learning (MOSL). Be prepared to discuss with your evaluator the assessments that will be given to your classes this year and the possible assessments that may be used for your individual evaluation. Review your MOSL data from last year and come to the meeting with any questions you may have about your evaluator’s views on particular assessments and prepared to discuss upcoming related activities, including the giving and scoring of baseline assessments.

Discuss opportunities for collaboration in teacher teams to support the administration and norming and scoring of assessments selected as MOSLs using the 75-minute block after the regular instructional day.

Consider whether you want to identify a few professional goals for the year in this meeting. Setting professional goals at this meeting is entirely up to you. It is not required. If you think it would be helpful to you to identify professional goals in this meeting, prepare by considering what you know about your students, courses and your own teaching style and what your instructional goals are for the year.

The UFT has prepared a short quick-start guide on the initial planning conference.