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Pride, passion, promise promoted in TV ad

New York Teacher


The UFT on Sept. 24 launched a new television ad campaign celebrating the diversity and success of New York City public schools.

The UFT on Sept. 24 launched a new TV ad to kick off its yearlong campaign celebrating the passion and promise of New York City public schools.

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The high-spirited ad, which was scheduled to run for 10 days, asserts that the New York City school system, the largest and most diverse in the country, is united as one in its dedication to helping all students take learning to the next level.

“One thousand eight hundred schools,” says teacher Sean Blanks of IS 392 in Brownsville, Brooklyn,

“Sharing one common goal,” continues Rockeia Graham of Excelsior Preparatory HS in Springfield Gardens.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew completes the thought: “Help ALL kids succeed.”

The two other teachers featured in the fast-paced ad are Shani Perez of PS 51 in Hell’s Kitchen and Alexandra Fischer of Kappa IV in Harlem.

“Although corporate reformers will continue to push their harmful agendas, we’re not going to let them stand in the way of the work we do with students and parents every day,” Mulgrew said in an email to the members as the ad debuted. “We’re showing New York City that we’re proud to be public school educators, proud of the schools we work in and proud to be moving our students forward.”

The 30-second spot is scheduled to air from the evening of Sept. 24 through Oct. 4 on a variety of cable and broadcast channels. Viewers saw or will see the ad on news and entertainment shows including “Morning Joe,” “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” as well as during Mets and Yankees baseball games and Thursday night Giants football. It’s estimated that some 5 million viewers will see the ad on broadcast TV and about 9.5 million people will see it on cable TV.

People have also been sharing the ad with their social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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