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School counselors meeting minutes and a clarification on DOE guidance

News Stories

The following email was sent on Aug. 27 to school counselors from Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson.

I want to thank those of you who joined us for our online School Counselors Chapter meeting on Aug. 18. We were joined by UFT President Michael Mulgrew and several other UFT officers and staff members who answered some of our questions. You can read the meeting minutes online.

I know you have more questions, and I am working on a Q&A which you should receive soon.

I also want to note that I heard from some counselors who, after reading my email to members yesterday, told me they had trouble accessing the DOE-UFT guidance on what blended learning will mean for school counselors. I should have noted that you must be logged into the DOE website to see the full guidance. Log in first, then click this link.

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