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School counselors, social workers and psychologists: DOE guidance on encounter attendance

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The following email was sent May 12 to all school counselors by Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson and on May 13 to all social workers and psychologists by Chapter Leader Raul Garcia.

Thank you for your continued patience as we have worked with the DOE to establish guidelines around encounter attendance during the coronavirus crisis. Many of you have reached out to the union regarding this matter, and we are pleased that the DOE, in consultation with the union, has issued encounter attendance guidance for remote IEP-mandated counseling services during school closure.

Read the guidance

The new procedures are effective for entries made in SESIS on or after Tuesday, May 12, 2020, regarding provision of remote mandated counseling services. Remote counseling session attendance records entered in the student’s SESIS event log prior to this date do not have to be re-entered.

The DOE will be providing further guidance regarding new procedures for logging parent outreach in connection with the initiation of mandated counseling services.

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