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Coronavirus Update

School Nurses: Information regarding this summer and the transfer plan

News Stories

The following email about the the remote-era student assessment process was sent on June 5, 2020, to all school nurses by UFT President Michael Mulgrew and UFT School Nurses Chapter Leader Cynthia Bennett. 

We hope you are well and your family is safe. Many of you have contacted the UFT with questions about the remainder of the school year, summer work and the transfer plan. We'd like to take this opportunity to address each of these concerns:

  • Remainder of the school year:
    • Current assignments will end on the last day of school, Friday June 26, for all school nurses, including those working from home, at a regional enrichment center or a Health and Hospitals Corporation facility.
  • Summer work:
    • Members working at a Health and Hospitals Corporation facility may volunteer to continue to work at their current assignment in the summer.
    • School nurses will be able to apply online for a summer assignment at a regional enrichment center. The union is working with the DOE to create this posting with the idea that a nurse can choose to work for the month of July, August or both months. We anticipate having this online application available next week with an application deadline of June 19. Our understanding is 57 regional enrichment centers will be open citywide during the summer. Each will have two shifts, with each shift requiring a minimum of two nurses.
    • Nurses will be compensated at the applicable contractual rate for summer employment.
  • Transfer Plan:
    • As a result of the coronavirus crisis, the transfer plan will be in effect with a few adjustments. The application process will be online only; no paper applications will be accepted. The deadline to apply for a transfer has been pushed back to June 19. Selected candidates will be interviewed via video or audio conference call and, if accepted, they will start their new assignment when the new school year begins.

Thank you all for your hard work during this unprecedented crisis. Over these past few months, you’ve all confronted challenges that fall well outside your normal range of responsibilities, and we could not be prouder of the way you have gone above and beyond to serve our communities.

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