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Spring 2021 Functional Chapter Elections

News Stories

Every three years, UFT functional chapter members have the opportunity to elect their chapter’s leadership. The election will again take place by mail ballot. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will oversee the process and count the ballots.

The term of office for these positions is three years beginning July 1, 2021.

You can see which positions are open in your chapter leadership by reading your functional chapter's Notice of Election.

See the Notices of Election on the UFT website »


All candidates must submit a nominating form before the deadline of April 19 at 5 p.m.

See the digital nominating form »

Please read your chapter's Notice of Election carefully before submitting a nomination. It will tell you whether you can submit a statement, which positions are open and other parameters. Please submit a separate digital nominating form for each person you're nominating. If you're nominating yourself or another person for multiple positions, when permissible according to the Notice of Election, please fill out the digital nominating form separately for each position.

Paper nominating forms have been mailed to each functional chapter member and can be requested by calling the UFT Election Hotline at 212-331-6310. Please use either a paper nominating form or the digital nominating form, not both.

For answers to commonly asked questions, see the Election 2021 FAQ.

If you have any questions about the procedures or if any questions arise during the election process, please call the UFT Election Hotline at 212-331-6310.

If you do not receive your ballot in the mail, contact the American Arbitration Association at 800-529-5218 as soon as possible or request one online at

Please participate in your chapter election. Those you elect will be responsible for keeping you informed and communicating your views, priorities and ideas to the union.

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