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Teacher’s Choice deadlines approaching

Info you should know
New York Teacher

Members should be aware of two approaching deadlines for Teacher’s Choice, which come earlier this year than in previous years.

The deadline for making all qualifying purchases is Saturday, Feb. 28, while the deadline for submitting the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form to principals or principal designees is Monday, March 2.

Members in the Absent Teacher Reserve who meet eligibility requirements must submit a completed Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form along with original invoices/receipts to the school secretary at the school to which they are assigned during the week of March 2.

All program participants will be required to submit their receipts as proof of purchase. These receipts must accompany the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form. In order to qualify, purchases could have been made as early as Aug. 1, 2014, but must be made no later than Feb. 28, 2015.

For additional information or assistance from the DOE, please contact the Teacher’s Choice program at 1-718-935-4000 or At the UFT, contact Michael Sill at

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