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Team High School Newsletter February 2014

News Stories

Just as we began the year, we continue to manage the new teacher evaluation system while at the same time working together for a new system that is fair and which helps us to develop as educators. We are reminded as we begin the second half of the year that our work fighting for our profession and schools is continuous.

The many challenges this year underscore the importance of working together. We must ensure that educators are the leading voices in our schools and are at the forefront of larger debates about changes in education. Please contact the Team High School hotline and attend our monthly, citywide academic and CTE high school meetings. We need each of you to lend your voice and advocacy on behalf of our students and profession. We look forward to our work together. 

In solidarity,

Janella Hinds, Vice President of Academic High Schools
Sterling Roberson, Vice President of Career and Technical Education High Schools

Guidance Counselors Conference

Celebrate with our school guidance counselors at the 10th annual Guidance Counselors Conference on Saturday, March 15 at 52 Broadway. Senior Deputy Schools Chancellor Dorita Gibson will be the guest speaker. Workshops on such topics as compassion fatigue, college counseling and working with ELL and immigrant students will be given by UFT guidance counselors. You may register here. The conference fee is $30, and raffle prizes as well as breakfast and lunch will be served

Paraprofessional Festival and Awards Luncheon

Join fellow educators around the city to honor the wonderful work paraprofessionals accomplish in our schools at the annual Paraprofessional Festival and Awards Luncheon on Saturday, March 15 at the New York Hilton. City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito will be the keynote speaker. Register and find more information on the paraprofessional page on

One Solution for Every Problem?!

Such a thing may not quite exist. But one of the most effective means to address, or at least to begin to address, problems at the school level is through the consultation committee. Please contact Team High School with questions or concerns about the consultation process. Or, let us know if you would like a UFT staff member to work with you or your school’s consultation team in order to help amplify educators’ voice and advocacy at the school level. Please also contact Team High School for any assistance in engaging the entire UFT membership at your school in electing UFT delegates, paraprofessional representatives and chairpersons or other school-level representatives.

Sign Up Now For Spring High School Workshops!

Looking for ways to improve your pedagogy, sharpen your technological skills or learn more about the latest trends in education? The UFT offers a number of workshops to help you improve your game. Workshops take place at 52 Broadway and are open to all UFT members. You must be logged into the UFT website to view courses and workshops.

High School questions or concerns?

Contact UFT Team High School with questions or concerns or to request that Janella Hinds visit your school to discuss questions, concerns or ideas you may have and to work together to further our profession and schools.

UFT Team High School Citywide Meetings

You are invited to meetings of the academic high school and career and technical education high school committees. These meetings are designed to help members get information pertinent to our high schools. They are also a great opportunity to connect, converse and even debate with colleagues the myriad issues affecting our schools and students. Please attend and invite other members from your schools. Food and refreshments are always provided. You can find the dates, times and locations of our committee meetings here.

Share Your Successes!

Is your school a positive, collaborative and trusting environment where educators and students are truly supported?  Is there a harmonious relationship between educators and the administration? Are there any successes your consultation committee has achieved? Is the new teacher evaluation system being used at your school to develop, not punish educators? Please share the successes of the UFT membership at your school, and we will select some successes to highlight each month in this newsletter and on the Team High School webpage on

Quote of the Month:

“Liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain.”

John F. Kennedy