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Team High School Newsletter - February 2015

News Stories

Dorothea Brande once said that a problem clearly stated is a problem half-solved. 

For years, Gov. Cuomo has shown no interest in the tried-and-true elements of well-functioning schools — hard work, dedication and collaboration. The governor has shown willful ignorance on top of arrogance. He has exacerbated the challenges facing public education in New York State by failing to fulfill the basic constitutional obligation to adequately fund all schools. He shuts his mind, eyes and ears to the real successes and difficulties in our schools, choosing instead to lay blame on the state's 600,000 public school educators who dedicate their lives to helping children.

Now we must educate the governor and others across our state who believe his hollow and baseless rhetoric. This is going to be a fight. And while after 12 years of Bloomberg it may feel like a challenge to face another fight, we want to tell you that it is an honor and privilege to stand with you, our colleagues.

In solidarity,

Janella Hinds, Vice President for Academic High Schools
Sterling Roberson, Vice President for Career and Technical Education

High School Awards reception rescheduled to March 27

Due to cancellations caused by inclement weather and an emergency Delegate Assembly to discuss our response to the governor’s attacks on our union and public education, the High School Awards Reception has been moved to Friday March, 27. Come to your union headquarters after parent teacher conferences to celebrate high school educators from all five boroughs.

RSVP now a great evening of fellowship, refreshment and celebration.

Our governor needs schooling!

Visit for action alerts and to learn about the many ways we are organizing as a union to fight the sure-to-fail education policy proposals of our governor.

Register now for spring high school workshops!

UFT workshops for high school educators help you to continually up your game. Workshops topics include navigating the evaluation process and Danielson.

Register for spring workshops now.

Please note that you need to be logged in to the UFT website to register.

Dear NYC: Let us score in our schools!

As if we needed 11 inches of snow to make the case, it was evident from the test-schedule changes forced by the cancellation of school on Jan. 26 that the current Regents Distributive Scoring model should go the way of the dodo. Scoring in home schools is better for students, educators and learning. We continue to advocate as a union for this needed change and will discuss the effort at our next citywide meeting.

Paid media internships for high school juniors and seniors

Encourage students who are interested in communications to apply for paid summer internships through the Emma Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media.

Your team is on Twitter

Follow @UFTTeamHS on twitter.

Review your personnel file

Now is a good time to review the contents of your personnel file. Remember that your signature is required for any contents in your file and any letter dated prior to February 2012 can be removed.

FAFSA made easier

NYC high school students and families who have questions regarding Free Application for Federal Student Aid can visit

Teacher’s Choice deadlines approaching

The deadline for making all qualifying purchases is Saturday, Feb. 28, while the deadline for submitting your Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form to your principal or a principal’s designee is Monday, March 2. All program participants will be required to submit their receipts along with the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form. For additional information or assistance from the DOE, please contact the Teacher’s Choice program at 1-718-935-4000 or by email at If you have questions or need more information from the UFT, please contact Michael Sill at

Teach social justice! Speak truth to power student video contest and lesson plans

Teach your students how to create a short documentary about human rights and social justice in a three-minute video. Winning films will be showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival. Email if interested in bringing this opportunity to your students or in having someone from the UFT or the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights visit you or your classroom to offer assistance on participating in the video contest.

This is your union: Exercise your voice at UFT Team High School citywide meetings

You are invited to meetings of the Academic High School and Career and Technical Education High School committees. We hope to see you at the next academic HS meeting on Feb. 25 or the next CTE meeting on March 12. Both meetings will be held at 52 Broadway. Take these important opportunities to share information pertinent to our high schools!

See future HS meeting dates and times.