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UFT functional chapters

Giving a voice to members with common concerns
New York Teacher

UFT functional chapter leaders - 2019


The Department of Education employs many types of educators and professionals who work with New York City public school students in a variety of ways, from providing occupational therapy to adapting computers for special needs children. Here is how the UFT represents them.

What is a functional chapter?

Functional chapters were formed to allow UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice. The common bond is the function of the job performed rather than a worksite or a school.

Many functional chapters have their own DOE-UFT contracts.

Who is represented?

The union has more than 37,000 members in its functional chapters, many of whom work in more than one location.

The Paraprofessionals Chapter is the largest of the functional chapters, with nearly 27,000 members.

Functional chapters represent all of the job titles in public schools listed on this page.

The UFT also represents NYPD-employed supervisors of school security and city-employed per-session hearing officers as well as workers in a number of private-sector and nonprofit bargaining units, which are referred to as functional chapters as well. They include the Adapt Community Network, the Block Institute, the bargaining units within the Federation of Nurses/UFT and the union’s Family Child Care Providers Chapter.


What is the role of the functional chapter leader?

Functional chapter leaders advocate for the common concerns of members of that chapter. They handle individual issues as well as citywide issues confronting members in their chapter.

School-based functional chapter members can receive support from both their school chapter leader and their functional chapter leader.

Functional chapter leaders serve three-year terms and are elected at the same time as school chapter leaders. The next election is in 2021.

Functional chapters have their own sections on the UFT website. If you aren’t receiving email from your functional chapter leader, please sign up for a website account at

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