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UFT member obituaries

New York Teacher

We often spend as much time with our work families as we do at home. Our colleagues can affect us profoundly and their loss can leave a tremendous void.

Sharing their life stories is a fitting way to remember UFT co-workers or retired UFT members who pass away, and you can memorialize them with an obituary on the UFT website.

Celebrate their public school and union contributions by sharing information about your loved one or colleague using this form. The obituaries will appear in the member obituary section.

NYSUT United, the publication of the UFT’s state affiliate, continues to publish the names of members who have died. Brief obituaries of UFT members also will continue to be published on the NYSUT website under the heading “Passings.”

If you are unable to send an obituary online, send obituary information and photos to UFT Member Communications, c/o Michael Murphy, 52 Broadway, New York, NY 10004. If you have questions, call Murphy at 212-598-6894. Submissions must include the name, telephone number and email address, if available, of the person providing the information. Photos submitted by mail cannot be returned.

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